The Beginning

I always assumed that writing was the simplest thing to do and I would be an expert at it, full of creative ideas and stuff like that.
Maybe that’s why I took it so lightly because I tend to keep the easy routes in life at bay. No wonder my major life decisions are perfect, to say the least (LOL).

Honestly, when I sat down to write my introduction blog, all I could think about was Nothing. I blanked out. So I took a power nap of 4 hours and then pulled out my laptop and started typing. I guess sleep is the solution to everything.

I am writing this as my flight enters the Australian continent. I’m here on our annual family vacation with Mom, Dad, Jumana (my aunt), Insiya (my cousin and soul-mate), Hussain (Another sarcastic cousin) and Fatema (puberty-hit cousin). My mom, dad and I take an international holiday every year and try to spend quality time together because for the most part of the year we mind our own business.

Anyway, getting to the point. My blog, Seersucker Over Velvet is a metaphor for my casual, laid-back sense of living. You’ll see how I choose to wear loose pants over a flattering pair of jeans or how I binge-eat Nutella after having one leaf of lettuce.

I’m going to upload on my blog as often as I can, as I’m conventionally supposed to but let’s see.

Welcome to my world.


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