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Surprises, Sarees and a Purpose.

This summer was full of surprises for me. One of them being that my favourite human from college, Namrata came down to see me all the way from London and she got me another surprise- A really cool saree that she designed. It’s got a pretty funky monochromatic print, with a pop of Fuschia on the border. A very interesting piece.



Since I don’t wear sarees too often (Owing to my fairly large appetite and equally large midriff), I decided to style it in my own way and get some pictures clicked with my tummy sucked in! A saree blouse would be the first option, but at the time I was hanging with a guy friend in a white shirt and that’s when it struck me. I requested him to lend me his white shirt the next day, with the risk of him assuming I’m a cross-dresser.


The result turned out pretty interesting. I like how 9 yards of running fabric with no pattern and cut, draped simply with a few pleats here and there, looks so elegant.

My saree has a contemporary look, so i wore it with an H&M men’s shirt in white, but with a twist. I wore the shirt backwards, and gathered it at the waist, tying the loose ends at the back. The shirt had a casual fit which complimented the drape of the saree. For accessories, I threw on a crystal choker and some silver bangles that I picked on a trip to Rajasthan! I went bold on the make up though- smokey eyes and dark mouth.


The overall look turned out to be bold and very urban. The collared shirt, the monochromatic print- it all had structure yet, the flowiness of the saree toned that down.


Coming to the interesting part. When we were taking the pictures, we noticed a little boy standing (and staring us down) right next to me, dressed in his traditional clothes, waiting for the call to prayer. Somehow, it brought out so much diversity in the frame. He was dressed in a traditional outfit, as was I- but we were both there with two completely different purposes.


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” -Gautam Buddha.





Photography by Mike Anderson
Copyright 2016| Seersucker Over Velvet| All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “Surprises, Sarees and a Purpose.

  1. Im surprised how normal that looks even from behind… I honestly expected it to be a bundled/ tucked in mess. Great idea! The design of that sari is really pretty!!!!! Also you have nothing to be ashamed about, your body is not an apology! 😀 Keep rockin out!

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