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Media and Social Media have changed the standards of beauty. We live in an age where the idea of beauty is streamlined. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is seemingly difficult for this generation to accept themselves the way they are.


Self-confidence plays a larger role than ever and the absolute truth is that good looks are a HUGE confidence booster. Minor “flaws” can be corrected using make-up or more permanently, Minimal Invasive Techniques.


A lot of beauty-related issues that we face today are self-induced. Starting from the basics such as not wearing sunscreen or poor food and hydration is taken with a pinch of salt and that is the reason why most people need to outsource help for good skin, hair and body.


When it comes to finding solutions to your beauty and body issues, Google is definitely not your best friend. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place to start your research but it can never be your doctor! Also beware of your neighborhood aunty who thinks she has the solution for everything; from blackheads to piles! No, you need professional help.


Across India, VLCC is one of the oldest (founded in 1989) and most trusted chain of beauty and wellness organizations that offers professional medical advice, aided by medically approved technology. It is renowned for its weight loss program that is a holistic approach to creating a better lifestyle for permanent results. The same approach is used for most other problems that come from an erratic sense of living, like acne, excessive hair growth, pigmentation, hair loss, etc.

925053993sWhat I really appreciate about VLCC is that they have a solution to every problem. The goal is to put an end to the problem, not push it under the rug. If they are unable to treat the problem, they’ll put you onto the right resources but you’ll never go back from there feeling dissatisfied. The predicament is approached with the intention to find the root cause of it and then work towards a permanent/ semi-permanent solution. Some of the treatments available at the organization are the first to be introduced in the country, like the ‘Vampire Facelift’ (famously a favorite of Kim K) or the ‘Gold Thread Lift’. For more details on these treatments, you must visit


A consultation with VLCC will help you realize that they always try to start treating you with a form that’s closest to nature. If your body needs something with higher intensity, that option will be made secondary.

I’ve suffered with acne for a very long time and it really gets to you mentally. You lose interest and confidence. If any of you are suffering from any such issues, you must get it checked because you never know how deep-seated the problem actually is! VLCC is a great place to go for all your beauty and body concerns, be it obesity, scarring, ageing, hair loss or excessive hair removal.








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