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SOV X Hoozinc – An empty wallet!

3 days ago, Prime Minister Modi threw a shocker at the nation. He demonetized the 500 and 1000-rupee currency notes. Within a day, this man single-handedly brought about a national emergency-like situation in every single part of the country! People are dying of shock, suicide and heart attack all over. A movement targeted at people hoarding black money has victimized everyone.


Amidst all this mess, I opened my wallet to check if there are any 500 or 1000 rupee notes that I should be exchanging in the bank and for the first time I was proud of myself for having exactly 7 notes of 10 rupees each! My urge to blow up any cash that I receive makes me deposit everything in the bank for safe keeps.

But I know of one place that is perfect to spend all your money – The Hoozinc Store (click here), which is a pop-culture studio that has a bunch of fun stuff. From licensed cartoon/comic products to their own line of innovative and quirky items, it’s not only a great stop for personal shopping but also for uber-cool gifts.

With the on-going demonetization issue, I’m pretty sure your spending capacity is a little lower that usual, but I still decided to endorse the Hoozinc products, just like our shameless banks who are already bombarding us with phone calls offering loans!


If you love the Simpsons as much as I do, then they will spoil you for choice with their huge variety of Simpson wear! My picks are the Duff wallet, mug, t-shirt and boxer shorts!



For many people, breakfast is Irani Chai and a cigarette (fondly known as ‘sutta’). I do not support smoking but I quite like this t-shirt that I would surely gift someone that it’s relevant to!


If you’re an alcoholic (again something that I don’t support but I’d still love to hang out with your kind), there’s this shot glass stand that is in the shape of the desi street carts! Apart from being a great bar display, it also helps you get drunk in one go!


The Hoozinc store has so many things to choose from, that I had to split this blog to cover a handful of their products! Watch out for next week’s blog. Here’s a sneak peak:

Best of luck to you in this phase. Meanwhile, do check out The Hoozinc Store because they accept card payments as well (shameless endorsements!).



Styled by Ajab Ali Akber.
Visit The Hoozinc Store to buy some fun stuff for men and women|
Lane Opp. The Audi Showroom,, Rd Number 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
Visit the Hoozinc Website to shop them online|
Photography and conceptualization by Vamsi Krishna Varma|
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