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SOV X Bewakoof ft. T-Shirt dresses and Mobile Cases: 5 Habits of a Highly Effective OVER thinker!

The first post of 2017, so here’s wishing you all a very happy New Year! No better way to begin the year than with a blog addressing one of my major concerns of 2016- Over thinking! To support my cause, I’ve collaborated with Bewakoof, one of India’s quirkiest brands whose philosophy is easy – Be ‘bewakoof’, follow your heart and keep it simple! (For those who don’t speak the language, ‘Bewakoof’ is Hindi for stupid.)


I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions because I believe that you mustn’t wait for the beginning of another year to bring change in yourself. This time though, I have decided to cut down on laying in bed, imagining non-existent problems and blowing trivial issues out of proportion. In short, I’ve decided to be ‘bewakoof’!


Here’s a list of 5 major disorders that I’ve acquired due to continuous over-thinking:

  1. Attention Deficit: I remember being a very attentive child with great memory- Until I struck teenage-hood. That’s when I started zoning out of conversations, thinking of completely irrelevant issues. When my parents used to yell at me, I would lose focus and imagine a situation where I was dead and my parents were crying over my lifeless body!
  2. Panic Attacks: The time when someone says they want to meet up or simply “talk”, reminds me of all the things that I may have done to hurt them. I begin to hyperventilate and end up feeling depressed over (hypothetically) losing a friend. Only to have the “talk” and find out that they have found a new partner or broken up with an old one.dsc08154-01-01
  3. Gluttony: I normally sleep by 10:30 pm, but if I don’t then that’s because I’m possibly crying over something stupid that never happened. That leads to me opening the fridge and eating everything in my sight, like a glutton.
  4. Hypochondria: Hindi movies have made me believe that vomiting boils down to pregnancy. As a child, every single time I puked made me worry about who would take me in if my mom and dad threw me out. Now that I know how babies are made, I take vomiting as a sign of a fatal disease and rush to a doctor to find out that it’s nothing but 3 plates of ‘pani-puri’ I had from a guy who decided not to wash his hands after doing God-knows-what and serving me.dsc08661-01
  5. Trust Issues: Most over-thinkers evaluate and re-evaluate their friendships time time and again. I occasionally make an elaborate list of pros and cons of people in my life. This brings me to eliminate some people that MAY have broken my trust which leads me to lose trust on the remaining.

Why do I feel like this post may concern my family a little bit? I may also be asked to approach a psychologist by a lot of you.


If you haven’t checked out BEWAKOOF, you should already! They’ve got a bunch of fun stuff like the T-shirt dress that I’m wearing, accessorized with some colourful metal bands and white sneakers from Zara and the phone case that sums up an entire conversation with me!


If you are a guy who thinks he won’t look as cool in a t-shirt dress as I do, you should still head to their website that has some brilliant JoggersDenim JeansT-shirtsHoodies and Pajamas for men! (I’ve made life simple and linked everything right here.)

Meanwhile, if you want to make a change within yourself, then start taking life with a pinch of salt and stop analyzing everything!


Cheers to simplicity and bewakoofi,



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