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#friendswithstyle: Hatim Adenwala

There are two kinds of people in this world; The ones who’re well dressed, prim and proper and the ones who eat with their hands and forget to tame the moustache (me)!


One person from the former category is Hatim Adenwala. Comfortingly soft-spoken and unfailingly poised, he’s probably the most composed and sophisticated person you’ll ever come across. That explains why he’s the President of Human Resources and Operations at DQ Entertainment (International) Limited, an iconic company in the field of animation, that headquarters in India.


A couple of months ago, when I started my series, ‘Friends with Style’, the idea was to feature people with an effortless style; That’s why I needed Hatim to be a part of this edition. I have studied him closely for the last 24 years and distinctly remember, even as a child I was so attracted to the funky shirts he would wear when he came back to visit from Dubai. He owes his quirk to instinct. He’s a fast shopper because, unlike most people, he knows that if you can connect with something instantly, it’ll suit you more often than not! That’s probably why he is self confident and comfortable in his own skin.


Over the years though, his style has become more subdued. You’ll see him in lighter, earthier colors and a lot of linens. Unsurprisingly, his inspiration comes from Rekha, the style icon of many. Their sensibilities may be poles apart, but she influences in the way he feels, smells and what he wears.



No matter how many years go by and how hard you try, that in-born spark of flamboyance never dies! Hatim told me a little secret- Apparently, he can’t wait to wear a red pair of moccasins but he hasn’t found the courage to do so, yet; Being unable to get out of his comfort zone of blue, brown and black shoes! Yet, there’s always something relatively flashy on him at any given time- his watch. The fact that he didn’t have one to wear at a stage in life has made him develop a significant attachment to wrist watches.


When I sit with Hatim, I feel like going to a Finishing School would’ve been a good idea for me. He’s so effortlessly refined in his actions. He may be glitzy on the weekends but to work, he’s classy in his crisp white shirt and a pair of black, blue or brown trousers, and to break the monotony, a flashy watch! If you want to catch him at his worst, it’s at home in jeans and a white t-shirt. Jeans inside the house? That’s a lot of discipline! My mom would thank me if I even wore pants at home!


I always say that there are those little details that make you. For Hatim, it’s the threads and the amber bracelet he wears on his right hand. To me, they are symbolic of his spirituality and faith that helps him keep his calm at all times!


Finally coming to the outfits featured today, Hatim has switched on his flamboyant mode with white jeans and a baby pink shirt topped off with a grey waistcoat! To a look that is clean and classic, he has added brown/black moccasins and a bold white watch! I, on the other hand, have tried to wear a waist coat in an partly casual manner with a white pussy-bow shirt, distressed jeans and nude heels! For accessories, a big watch (like Hatim) and a couple of silver rings!




Diane Von Furstenberg said, “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” Hatim has found his, have you?




Photography by Abhishek Sarkar| 
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8 thoughts on “#friendswithstyle: Hatim Adenwala

  1. I know Mr HATIM ADENWALA very well, He is my senior colleague. Every morning when he steps into office we team will observes him from top bottom. Please don’t laugh, I mean we observe his dressing (which colour shirt & trouser he put on? which colour shoes he wore? Which brand watch on his wrist? ) We will discuss at least 10 minutes on same topic. On Friday special attention him. Because he will rock with casual attire. Finally I can say he dress absolutely perfect 100% ‘’Talk of the Corporate’’ for his style………

  2. Very well articulated Ajab. Hatim is a perfectionist and he indeed is up to date with current fashion not only for men but even more so in the women world.
    Really enjoy reading all your blogs.

  3. Hatim and me go back many years…nearing 40 to be precise. While I may never have complemented his dressing style or clothes, I had taken one red and one green floral shirt(Chirag din) from him and worn them for years(sic). They were my all time favorite.

    Hatim is not sophisticated alone, but very generous too (don’t try him please) and I remember all the Birthdays he used to host. Oh I can’t go on for there is much more in what has been a great friendship

  4. Heyy, this isn’t a surprise for me, as I and Hatim are “Langotia yaar”. I believe, it is in his genes, to carry fashion on him, even when he was in the primary school. I truly believe he could smell Fashion anytime and anywhere. And if I remember correct, he had done some modelling during his teenage.

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