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Be Careful, But Carefree in the Philippines!

“Why Philippines? I haven’t even heard of that place”, many have asked. Well, first of all, since you did not open your books back in school, let me educate you with my knowledge from Google. Philippines is a South-east Asian country that shares maritime borders with Taiwan (in the North), Vietnam (in the West), Palau (in the East), Malaysia and Indonesia (in the South). It comprises of over 7,000 islands which means that it’s the best holiday destination for beach lovers like me! Besides, Philippines was occupied by the Spaniards (1521 to 1898), the Americans (1898-1946) and the Japanese which makes it a delight for history lovers.

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SOV X FLY: Overpacked Suitcases!

As I started getting older, I realised that the men abroad somehow seem to appear much more attractive than the men in my own country (no offence boys). So I started packing a lot more- 2 pairs of clothes for each day, matching footwear, hell loads of make-up and all kinds of hair tools. Today when I look back at the holiday photos, I feel like what was the point of putting in that much effort? I still looked like a homeless immigrant.


Cat-calls and Policemen.

Always remember one thing, if you’re a female going to the Old City, please cover every inch of your body. You don’t want to hear comments like, “Ess Beby” (Yes Baby) and “Hi saxy” (Hi sexy) from random boys on speeding bikes. Don’t worry though, these are harmless youth who’ve either just hit puberty or have a wife and kids. You could take offense to their cat-calls, but I just go back home feeling like a sexy beast!

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