Seersucker Over Velvet X

Seersucker Over Velvet X

SOV X Hoozinc – Back from Sabbatical.

Well, my blog this week is yet another collaboration with The Hoozinc Store! The last time I walked in there, I picked up so many cute things that I don’t need but don’t have the heart to let go of either. So I am blogging about some of them. That’s one of the perks of being a blogger. When you catch yourself spending money like Kim Kardarshian, you can always make it seem like an investment you’re making for the blog!

Seersucker Over Velvet X, Travel

SOV X FLY: Overpacked Suitcases!

As I started getting older, I realised that the men abroad somehow seem to appear much more attractive than the men in my own country (no offence boys). So I started packing a lot more- 2 pairs of clothes for each day, matching footwear, hell loads of make-up and all kinds of hair tools. Today when I look back at the holiday photos, I feel like what was the point of putting in that much effort? I still looked like a homeless immigrant.

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