About SOV

Seersucker Over Velvet was founded in 2016 with the vision of adding the element of fun into every aspect of life! With hilarious articles and interesting photographs, your journey into the world of fashion, travel and food is pretty much sorted!

Ajab Ali Akber, founder of SOV

SOV was founded in 2016 by Ajab, a designer by qualification and NOT a designer by profession. She believes that everyone must have their own sense of style and must not be judged for wearing their pyjamas in public. You’ve probably seen her face plastered over most of our blogs!

Mike Anderson is the Line Producer and Director of SOV. We do not have his photograph because he thinks he looks better in real life. Not to forget, SOV is the brainchild of Mikey! Mike may be the most creative person you’ve met, but he’s the least humble. He knows he’s good and he makes sure to rub it in every single time!

We are still growing and don’t have too many people on our team, so show us some love, and join us on social media so we can make money and hire more people.