My Love for Diwali and the Fear of Fire-Crackers!

It may sound funny, but balloons and fire crackers frighten me to death! I just run away at the very sight of them. That’s why Diwali is a low-key affair for me. I refrain from going out and watching annoying kids play with bombs as though they were immortal! All said and done, Diwali brings with it my ‘frenemies’- CALORIES! I go to everyone’s homes on the pretext of wishing them but my mind is always on what’s in their kitchen.

I know that Diwali is a big deal for most people because they buy beautiful clothes and put in so much effort to look their best. This blog is NOT for such people! This blog is for people like me who don’t have the incentive to dress up when they know that at the end of the evening they’re going to have food on their faces and ketchup on their dresses!


For the benefit of this category of people, here are 3 Diwali looks that I styled from my existing wardrobe, mixing pieces from ethnic wear and regular wear. Just a heads up, these looks are not necessarily traditional. In fact, they can be tweaked here and there to your sense of style. I’ve grown out of the Diwali-means-lehngas phase, so I like to wear something Indo-western!

The first ensemble has a box-pleated, high-waist skirt in brocade. This is the statement piece of my outfit, so I wore it with a black scoop-neck tee and simple kundan jewelry. To add height to my dwarf-like frame, I wore black stilettos! The look is slick and elegant so it works well for family dos.




Coming to my next look; This ripped jeans, crop-top style with studded heels and an ethnic coat is ideal for a gathering with friends or a ‘Taash’ party for that matter. If you’re drinking, you don’t want to risk wearing something uncomfortable because who likes to get their nose broken on Diwali? You could keep the jewelry as minimal as a cute beaded choker!



The final outfit is tailored for a high-profile event where you are asked to behave yourself. Exactly the kind of party you’ll never find me at! Pick out a dressy cape and wear it over a corset dress. The focus is on recycling an old dress by adding a festive layer to it. If you don’t have a cape, drape a statement dupatta! Get creative, yo!



That brings us to the end of my creativity! These are all the looks I styled with the help of a very talented designer, Benazir Masood who uses beautiful fabrics to create dramatic pieces. The skirt, cape and coat featured in this blog are her designs. Not to mention, the man behind my confidence-boosting photographs that make me look 36 times better than usual, Vamsi Krishna!


Here’s wishing you’ll a happy Diwali! I hope you don’t spill wine or ketchup on your clothes because the stains are hard to get rid of. I also hope we can reduce the cracker bursting this year because just like me, even the street animals are really scared of loud noise! Let’s pledge to be more aware guys, we are educated.




For lovely festive orders, Benazir Masood|
Photography and conceptualization by Vamsi Krishna Varma|
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