#friendswithstyle: My sizzling on-screen chemistry with Monika!

Last week had me make a major life decision-I’m never going to have a professional model and myself in the same frame. I feel shorter and stouter than usual!


Coming to the point, my new series is called ‘Friends with Style’. It features my friends from various walks of life and their personal style because someone said that my face is getting boring I need to show someone/something else on the blog.


This time, I invited Monika to be my guest. Reason being, she has nice legs and I want to use them to get traffic on my blog. (I’m joking.) Monika is a stunning model, actor, Kathak dancer and all the things that I’m not! We’ve known each other for about 19 years now. She was with me in school since grade 1 and just like me back then, she was unusually tall for her age. I stopped growing after the age of 13 but Monika didn’t. One year, I was taller than all the boys in my class but when we got back from summer break, they made me sit on the first bench because I couldn’t see the black-board over their fat heads.


My consolation to myself is the remote possibilty that if I were any taller, I would give all the models a run for their money. (Again, joke!)

For this blog, we decided to style skirts. Skirts are my favourite because unlike jeans, they are easy to pee with. Also, it’s almost winter but it isn’t as bad yet so you can get away with a little layering!


Monika decided to wear this printed lycra mini. It totally works for her since her long, lean legs are an asset. We teamed the predominantly black skirt that has delicate pink print with a fuchsia vest and threw on the leather jacket. The point is to make the look bright but without the use of too many colours. Also, there’s a balance of texture. Her accessories like the back-pack, patent Oxfords and jacket are all leather. Monika is a safe player; Her look is always on point because she maintains evenness without mixing too many elements.



I, on the other hand, am very fond of putting different facets together. Mixing shades of a single colour and squeezing in some print is my style. This electric blue skirt is an eye-catching piece, so I went for a delicately printed shirt and a classic denim jacket. With it, I mis-matched my grey snake-skin slip-ons and a brown fringed bag. The look is laid-back, just like my attitude towards life.



Well, that brings us to an end of the first one in the series. I hope these looks inspire you to pull out those skirts and create something fun!





Monika Thangalapalli is a model, actress and Kathak dancer. She won the title of Miss India Tourism, 2016 and was in the top 15 at the International level.| monika.thangalapalli@gmail.com
Photography and conceptualization by Vamsi Krishna Varma| https://www.behance.net/stargazestudios
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  1. I was not surreispd as Bob is a salty kind of guy and in his defense he was so busy arguing that he didnt notice the back on air but it was his fault for saying it, i am not a liberal fan at all but i love to listen to him and Sean go at it..lol


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