Major Faux pas of life and Experimentation

Looking back at photographs from the time I started picking out my own clothes, I realized that at every stage in life I dressed in a different style (Not necessary that my style was improving, but it was different). From Madonna to Yoda, everyone inspired me!

Let’s not get into the details, but I’ve made some major mistakes- looking like a Hobo or like I walked straight out of The Adam’s Family, to name a few. Over the years though, I’ve learnt from the very same mistakes and educed a style of my own which is laid-back and comfortable with a hint of glam.

Notice the matching socks and sweater and chipped nail polish. Yawning.
Cross dresser? Way back in college, dressed like a man for a classroom assignment.

Today, the world is an open stage. Fashion is an expression and we, as a society are more accepting, more appreciative. This blog is on the lines of experimentation and contrasts. I’ve picked 2 looks that I wouldn’t consider “my style” and played around to adapt them to mine.


The first look is a black mesh dress with cut-out shoulder sleeves. It has cute butterfly and rose applique and a well fitted black slip for modesty. Unless you want to go all out and not wear the slip at all, I’m not judging! I styled it with black sheer stockings and my black high tops. The whole look is leaning towards punk with a hint of glam rock- something I’ve moved on from years ago! I actually kind of like the way this looks on me and I see myself wearing this for an evening out or maybe even Fashion Week?


I would be lying if I said that the next look is not entirely my style. Yes, I do love flared pants, but I’d pick contrasts over co-ordinates! I teamed this matching pants and top with rose gold platform heels which unfortunately aren’t seen here. This look would go well at a fancy dinner but I would also wear it at a formal gathering with a blazer and pumps!



“Your appearance shouldn’t define who you are, and that’s what I like, the contrast between people looking like the opposite of what they truly are deep inside.”

-Matthias Schoenaerts.



Wardrobe Courtesy: Peep Street|
Photography by Anurag Srivastav| 
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