SOV X FLY: Overpacked Suitcases!

My parents are really sweet. They always allow me, the third wheel, to tag along with them on their vacations. Till the time I was not interested in dressing up, I used to carry 1 pair of clothes for 2 days and get done with it. This way, I was allowed to split my stuff between my parents’ bags and not worry about anything but food.

Don’t you just love how the red is popping against the backdrop?
Travelling alone always helps you make some major life decisions!

As I started getting older, I realised that the men abroad somehow seem to appear much more attractive than the men in my own country (no offence boys). So I started packing a lot more- 2 pairs of clothes for each day, matching footwear, hell loads of make-up and all kinds of hair tools. Today when I look back at the holiday photos, I feel like what was the point of putting in that much effort? I still looked like a homeless immigrant.

VIntage cars and modern bags.
Railway Stations always make me nostalgic!

Now that I’m old enough to travel by myself, I stopped being a nuisance to my parents. I take responsibility for my own bags and valuables. For some reason, cute luggage makes me happy. The fact that my bag is going to stand out on the conveyor belt and not get confused for a belonging from that family of 17 humans, carrying their pots and pans in similar looking suitcases, is satisfying.

Solo Traveller?
My bright and happy suitcase.

A brand that makes my kind of stuff is ‘Fly’. It’s sturdy and comes in so many colours (by now you all know how I feel about bright colours). The good thing is that it’s bright and elegantly designed at the same time. That makes it wearable for almost any age group. They also come in many sizes. The small ones may look tiny on the outside, but trust me, they’re pretty spacious. Good news- If your plane ever makes an emergency water landing (God Forbid), all the Fly bags are water-proof!

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”

Fly is fresh on the market but their quality is comparable to many existing brands. Their designs are sleek and prices, affordable. Basically they cater to anyone who wants to see the world.

Because I like you all so much, I am getting Fly to give one suitcase and one back pack to the winners of a contest! To know more, just head on to my Instagram and Facebook page that is linked down below.




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