Rock Climbing and Destination Weddings.

If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you’ll realize that there are more colours in this world than you realise. From the decorations, to the make up, everything is so vibrant! For me, wedding season is the most fun time of the year. I like to go and sit in a corner with a plate full of food and watch oversized humans wearing undersized clothes. I also like to look at cute boys. Weddings are a fairly good place to find out what is NOT fashionable. On the other hand, it is great to check for what is trending because there are always a few well-dressed people on every wedding party’s guest list.

*Intense stare*

I’m totally looking forward to the season this year as well because a lot of my friends are going to jump into pool of death too. I am also excited because their daddies are rich and they’re all having destination weddings which means multiple holidays for Ajju!

*Intense stare into outer space*

I am not big on bling, but I like vivid. I experiment with colour combinations and bright hues. A few years go, I got in touch with the founder of ‘Wabi Sabi’. It’s a lovely studio that focuses on the dying art of tie-dye. Since I’m extremely fond of the technique myself, I always pick up maxi dresses and skirts from them for the summer. They have mastered the art so well that they create brilliant patterns through tie-dye; From circles to checks, to butterflies, you name it! More than anything, what makes me go back to them over and over again is the fact that the dyes used by them are 100% eco-friendly Japanese dyes and they do not bleed at all.

*Intense stare at the wall*


I’m in love with the art of tie and dye.

To prove the beauty that tie-dye is, I teamed the pink long skirt with a yellow brocade crop top. To pull the look together, I wore a blue bead layered necklace over my shoulder and lots of golden bracelets. Also, do not miss the fancy twin rings I’m wearing!

I’m loving how the asymmetric symmetry of the white pattern is adding so much to a single cotton skirt!

The magic that a piece of thread can create on yardages of fabric.


Check out this totally cool ring from Shubhashini Ornamentals.

I absolutely love accessories and I prefer adding grandeur to the most casual outfits by throwing on jewellery and no better time to do that but wedding time! Since heavy embroidery and sequins don’t really fit into my style, I always go for something simple but with attention to detail. After all the devil lies in the detail!

To support my cause, I turned to Akassh from Shubhashini Ornamentals in Delhi who sent me some of his exquisite designs to go with these outfits. At a certain point you may think I belong to the Kalbelia tribe but this styling is for representational purpose only. I don’t really walk around weddings looking like a window display for Tanishq.

A tie-dye wrap skirt in silk and ikat halter blouse.

My second look is this silk tie-dye wrap-around skirt with mirror work on it. I teamed it with an Ikat halter blouse. For this look, I went all out with the silver jewellery. I also stood on a rock 60 feet above ground level, wearing heels. Since I’ve specifically mentioned this, at this point it would be most appropriate to appreciate my hard work and dedication and compliment me. Seriously.

Loving this contemporary choker with star shaped baubles.


Check out the amulet and palm cuff!
A chunky head piece pulls together the whole vibe that I’ve got going.
Does this picture make you feel like I’ve given up on life?

If you’re like me and you don’t like to shine like a disco ball, then this year you should totally try tie-dye because it’s vivacious and so much fun to style!

To check out Wabi Sabi clothing, click right here and for Shubhashini Ornamentals, here!

Hoping you all get invited to a lot of weddings this year and get fat,




Photography by Vamsi Patchipulusu.
Copyright 2016| Seersucker Over Velvet| All Rights Reserved








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