The End Of My Innocence.

Confession: This is the amount of make-up I used for this blog!

I remember the very first time I was introduced to Nicki Minaj’s music. I was barely 18, innocent and had some etiquette. The first video of hers that I watched was “Stupid hoe” and I swear to God, I was scarred! I had never imagined booties that big and wigs that pink. Nonetheless, within a week I was addicted to her and before I knew it I was calling everyone a “Stupid Hoe”.

Nicki and her pink hair!

Thank God I wasn’t naive enough to ape her style back in the day. No no, don’t get me wrong. I totally admire her confidence but my mom wasn’t very appreciative of the idea of me wearing a pink thong and blue lipstick to college!

Random unrelated black and white photo. Sorry!

As time passed, Nicki kept coming up with the most intriguing music videos such as Anaconda and Super Bass which put me in awe of her self-confidence. Obviously I cannot carry off anything close to what she wears coz mah booty ain’t dat big, so I decided to take inspiration from her and wear it like Ajab would. Of course I ended up looking like a mediocre version of her. Don’t judge me.

That’s the gangsta inside me.

Since Nicki’s look revolves a lot around make-up, I needed someone extremely good and my first choice was none other than the extremely talented, Chitra Maudgil! She’s a celebrity/bridal make-up artist which means that she has no time for Nicki Minaj wannabes. After convincing her that I am not as ugly in pictures, she agreed to make my face her canvas! I am joking. (She was enjoying a break from work that day so I barged into her house and made her do my make-up.)

The immensely talented Chitra working her magic on me.
Chitra and I having a cup of street side ‘chai’!

The first look we went in for was Nicki’s matching crop top and skirt look with gold accessories. I topped the look off with an oversized hoodie which was a last-minute decision because my body started to closely resemble Silk Smitha’s. Chitra decided to go for Nicki’s famous all-pink look with pink lips and pink eye-shadow. It definitely added life to the white outfit. As for hair, we did loose curls and volume!

A matching crop top and skirt with an oversized hoodie.
Chitra’s flawless make up.
Bad-ass jewellery!
So much gold?

The next look we tried was Nicki’s casual denim on denim look with a bright yellow t-shirt and grey heels. I layered some silver chains and kept it casual. Chitra thought that this was the perfect time to play Holi with my face, so she brought out her palette inspired from Cartoon Network’s colour story. She smeared yellow eye-shadow, turquoise liner and dark purple lip gloss. Yet again Chitra proved that she is a make-up visionary.


Convinced random boy to let me sit behind his bike. He was thrilled!

This was the most random experiment I’ve done as a blogger, but I learnt an important lesson that if you go to a tea-stall with make-up, you will get an extra glass so that you don’t burn your fingers from the heat of the tea.


I’m a curious cat and right now I want to know if there’s someone whose sense of style inspires you! Let me know in the comments.




Make up by Chitra Mudgil|
Photography by Mike Anderson
Copyright 2016| Seersucker Over Velvet| All Rights Reserved



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