Low IQ and A Crowded Boat.

I went to fashion school, but a couple of years down the line I realised that my IQ for fashion is as low as my IQ for science. So I diverted from my stream of education and started blogging. That is why I have high regards for all the designers out there. Especially my friends Rutuja and Harish who have started their own label called ‘La Rutu’.

Last week, they sent me the cutest little bustier without quite realizing that my stubborn cellulite might decide to show through. Hey, so what? Cellulite is Nature’s way of protecting my organs.

Ignore the flabby arms.

The moment I saw the bustier, I felt like it would make for the perfect holiday look. Since I don’t have any holidays coming up until I make enough money to be able to afford one, I pretended to be a tourist in my own city. For the authentic feeling, I took a boat ride to the Buddha Statue in Hussain Sagar- something I haven’t done since I was a child.

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually drive the boat.

The boat we wanted to take was full of humans. From cheesy couples to kids with runny noses and men in stylish shades pretending to take selfies while actually taking pictures of girls, we saw them all. Thus began our journey on the rusty boat. For some reason I felt like Shah Rukh Khan from the movie ‘Swades’, surrounded by all these people.

I feel Shah Rukh, I feel you!
_MG_2718 copyy
Notice the number of people on the boat.

We all know that feeling when a random person gives you advice. Like this photographer who takes Polaroids of tourists at the statue came up to me while we were shooting and began teaching me how to pose. “Essss (Yes) do Namaste pose”, “Maedam (Madam), sit down and close eyes” etc. I appreciated his effort but I would’ve taken his advice a little more seriously if he hadn’t worn his pants on his chest!

This pose is dedicated to the polaroid guy.

I teamed this bright bustier with beige culottes from ‘AND’. To bring out the colours in the bustier, I wore green sneakers from Reebok and my orange reflective Ray-Bans. Here’s some meaningful advice; If you see someone wearing reflective shades, it does not mean that they are blind. They can still see you setting your hair in their shades.

Image 1
Reflective Ray-Bans.
Reebok sneakers with silicone tie-free laces!

I loved the little bow detailing at the back of the bustier. It made the piece so much more glamorous. You can shop the look right here!

I topped my look off with a blue faux croc leather backpack. It’s the perfect size to carry travel essentials such as sunscreen, a water-bottle, wallet and a camera.

My faux croc skin bag from China is the perfect size for travel.

This is just one of the many ways I would wear this piece. As for you, you can wear it with jeans and heels for a party or wear it under a matching suit for that pop of colour!

The complete look.

Go look up the stuff at La Rutu. They’ve got some adorable pieces and most of all, they are extremely passionate about what they do!




Photography by Daksh Chindalia| dakshchindalia@gmail.com
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24 comments on “Low IQ and A Crowded Boat.

  1. I seriously have no clue what should I do after this post of yours, should I admire you or your amazing sense of humour, or your impeccable sense of dressing. Whatever the thing is, now even I prefer “Seersucker over velvet” 🙂


  2. Very sensible and the blog name made it stand for itself and the captain on top.
    Good going! Seeing Hyd in a new shade..!
    You are taking one’s mind; by leaving them in a confusion… whether to see the Budha reflection in shades or the woman who is wearing the shades. Crazy!!


  3. great read, and you sure can pull off that attire with your fancy sunnies. Great work Ajab. I have been following up on your blogs, and I am so impressed with your write ups. Keep up the good work. All the best for your future endeavors


  4. Hey Ajab, nice startup and to be honest I hate reading but your this article was worth reading as its small and interesting and where can I get that knotfree Lace’s?


  5. Streets of hyd are very conservative. How did you manage to walk around with those clothes. Though u are looking very sexy Ajab. Your blog is on a realy good road. I am loving it from head to toe. Cheers :*


  6. Mind blowing post Ajab.. Kept me interested till de end .. Loved the pictures so bright so colorful .. Goes perfectly with ur style of writing … Great work ..

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Agree with Abbas and BRAVO for putting together the photo shoot in Hyderabad. Love your humor and articulation 👍


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