Month: June 2016


Cat-calls and Policemen.

Always remember one thing, if you’re a female going to the Old City, please cover every inch of your body. You don’t want to hear comments like, “Ess Beby” (Yes Baby) and “Hi saxy” (Hi sexy) from random boys on speeding bikes. Don’t worry though, these are harmless youth who’ve either just hit puberty or have a wife and kids. You could take offense to their cat-calls, but I just go back home feeling like a sexy beast!

Personal Style

Surprises, Sarees and a Purpose.

I decided to style a saree in my own way and get some pictures clicked with my tummy sucked in all the way! A saree blouse would be the first option, but at the time I was hanging with a guy friend in a white shirt and that’s when it struck me. I requsted him to lend me his white shirt the next day, with the risk of him assuming I’m a cross-dresser.

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