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My Monsoon Story – Part 2

Those who know me know that I’m a bright person (Not in terms of intelligence. That would be a lie). The colour I wear largely determines my state of mind at that particular moment. In fact in school, subconsciously I always had something red on me- be it a hair tie or nail polish; Because life was much rosier then with fewer idiots to deal with.

My overall look in black and white.

During the shoot of this blog, I decided to set myself free and let the designers, Akassh (Shubhashini Ornamentals) and Neeru (Wabi Sabi) do the picking, just for a different styling perspective. They pulled out a colour that I’d never imagine myself wearing-elephant black (which is just a fancy work for dark grey), owing to how dull it is. But it happened and I loved it! Thank God for lipstick.

My overall look in colour.

The first look for this week’s story is a tie and dye gown (enough with the tie and dye already, Ajab!). I fail to understand how someone can NOT admire the incredible potential that simply tying a piece of cloth and dipping into dye holds? But let’s face it, I did go overboard this season so I promise that this will be my last blog featuring tie and dye for a long time!

To jazz up the darkness we did a gold necklace with pastel embellishment. It’s interesting how there’s so much going on in one length but it all somehow manages to merge so organically. Then there’s the hands which can’t be overlooked because of their size. So I wore a harness on one which has a black stones and 2 tiny green zircons on it. On the other I threw on a large geometric ring. My hairstyle was a side-swish or whatever it’s called. For make up, there was dark lips and I gold-plated myself with highlighter. Overall, the look turned out to be sleek and sophisticated.

Here’s what I call the 1960’s South Indian look.

The next look is what I call a 1960’s South Indian look (not a bad thing). For a more authentic feel, I plopped myself next to a large vase too. For this, we chose to go for a long Georgette skirt in black with a maroon brocade blouse. To direct focus onto the statement jewellery, we decided to keep the outfit simple. The jewelry has each bead adorned with hand painted Meenakari work. Along with that there is pearl bead bangles on one hand and 2 “Aayna” (mirror) rings on the other. I simply love the drama that the jewelry oozes!


This blog was self-exploratory. I happened to do a lot of things that were very unlikely of me to do. Like making friends with a pug! I’m terrified of dogs. Apart from that, both the looks were very different from my sense of style. As they say, ‘Don’t isolate yourself, get out there and explore. You will be surprised with what you find’.




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