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My Monsoon Story – Part 1

Every year, during the monsoon season, I turn into a whiny person. I’m not big on dark clouds looming over my head. Additionally, this year, owing to the rains, my false ceiling missed me by an inch when it came crashing down because my neighbours decided to build a terrace garden without water-proofing the terrace first. Talk about loving thy neighbour!

What I do appreciate the rains for though, is oily skin that makes me look like I am walking around with bronzer all over my face. I decided to take full advantage of that situation and do a Monsoon story.

Monsoon for me is all about bright colours because gloomy weather calls for vibrant clothing otherwise there will be mood swings, unnecessary waterworks and a lot of fights at home. As much as I love my clothes, there’s no denying that jewelry is what I live for! I have always had an eye for statement pieces and I strongly believe that jewelry has the power to amplify any outfit and transform it! That’s why, this week I felt like my story should revolve around it. So I collaborated with Shubhashini Ornamentals, a brand by the Delhi-based designer, Akassh Agarwal who make beautiful statement pieces in semi-precious stones.

The first look that I put together is a blue tie and dye sari and a white crop top. I folded the sari into half and draped it over a pair of skinny jeans. Then, I split the double ends into two and knotted them.

My blue tie and dye saree draped over jeans.

For this look, I went for glossy make-up and blue eyes. I am blessed with hair that looks like a nest, so I left it at that without a care in the world.

DIdin’t want to go too loud on the make up so I stuck to poppy eyes.

To put my look together, I wore this with a HUGE statement necklace with raw uncut stones and organic Corals, Turquoise and Pearls. I love how abstract this piece is, yet it’s so symmetric. Since the neck piece is flamboyant enough to overpower the entire look, I simply topped it off with a chunky pearl ring.

Check out this statement necklace by Shubhashini Ornamentals.
I topped the look off with this pearl ring.

My second look is more vivid, where I play with warm tones and balance it out with white. For this look, I wore a long tie and dye tunic in red checks with high side slits. Somehow, this season I’m obsessed with tie and dye, especially because of the boho vibe that it sets off.

My second look is more vivid.

I chose to layer around the neck with a choker of dangling pearls, a long pearl chain with grey and white organic sea pearls and another long chain with organic Corals and Turquoise. Since I have a long neck, I can pull off this kind of layering but if you’re short necked, then you should probably tone this down a bit or you’ll end up looking like you broke your neck and put a brace on it.

I layered 3 necklaces to get this effect.


If you aren’t wearing a statement piece, you can take the liberty of adding more pieces on your hands and fingers like I did. I wore an abstract cuff studded with multicoloured uncut stones. I didn’t want my fingers feeling left out so I clad them with a turquoise ring too!

Don’t miss the hand cuff and the ring.
Uncut stone cuff.

For hair, I wore it in a tight bun with the limited length that I have. To compliment the whole warm colour scheme, I did red lips. I realised after the shoot that I’m not too fond of red lips on myself but what’s done is done.

At the shoot we got too carried away with excitement and did 2 more looks which I obviously can’t squeeze in here, so you must watch this space for Part 2 of my Monsoon Story! Meanwhile, check out the stuff at Shubhashini Ornamentals here, and if you love tie and dye as much as I do, then click for the Wabi Sabi website right here!

I hope you’ll had a great monsoon with no ceilings falling on your head.




Photography by Ali Naqi|
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