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BOMB Bags!

I could never understand how people could carry such large bags on an everyday basis. I was never a bag person because it’s such a big responsibility like carrying a child or something. Pockets always seemed better because my needs were limited to a chapstick- until one day my friend got me a high-end hand bag. Then I thought it was rude to carry just a chapstick in the entire bag so I started filling it with everything around me including house-hold items like a pressure cooker, etc.

Big bags – My least favourite type of bags.

One day when I was stalking my classmates on social media to find out whether I’m the only one who hasn’t decided to get married yet, I came across my classmate in fashion school, Shweta Mehrotra! Enterprising as she has always been, she started her own label of bags called ‘The Patakha Closet’. I connected to it instantly because my closet is like a Patakha too. It’ll explode in your face when you open it. Since the connection is so deep, I picked my 3 favourite pieces from her collection.

Here are my top 3 picks you must have to create a “Patakha Closet”!

  1. The enamel evening bag: This monochrome metal clutch has the most beautiful mosaic design in enamel chips all over it. It is sturdy yet light-weight. Since it is a little small, it won’t fit in a big phone but it’s good enough to throw in stuff that you can’t carry in your hand. Like tampons and lipstick. I wanted the bag to be the highlight of my outfit, so I styled it over a plain white Georgette tunic with tassels from Forever 21. I added a broad black laser cut belt with it and topped it off with my black studded heels, which I probably have since 1979.
The beautiful black, white and gold enamel purse.
Make it a statement piece in your outfit!
Then pose by a smelly lake with a brilliant photographer who makes it look like Switzerland.
  1. The Jacquard sling bag: I love the concept of sling bags. They’re smart and practical at the same time. This one especially is a black faux leather bag with a vivid Jacquard flap and a sea green tassel. I really like how spacious it is as I’m especially fond of this shape of bags. For me, this looks great with a pair of cut-off shorts and a rose-pink Macramé sweater with grey sneakers. It has got a casual, sporty vibe going which is a lot like my style. The best part about this piece is that it can transition from day casual to a night casual beautifully!


The inside of the bags is as neat and pretty as the outside.
  1. The Jacquard handbag: Next up on my list is this hand bag in off-white Jacquard with tan detailing and antique gold fixtures. The bag is big and can accommodate all my weapons like pepper spray, gun, sword. If I were you, I would carry this bag with an off-white studded dress from Guess, a silver-grey crop sweater and grey heels. But if you’re a working professional, this bag works really well because it is spacious.


This bags works for a professional set up too!
The hand bag is super roomy. Now stop peeking into a ladies’ purse.

Honestly speaking, the stuff at The Patakha Closet is pretty varied. They have something for everyone. From elegant to quirky to professional, they’ve got you covered. They’re priced well for the good quality of stuff that they make! You can trust me because I picked 3 bags and I’m a very stingy person.

You can find The Patakha Closet on Facebook and they retail from there! You’ll find their link right here. Also check them out on That1Too, here!

You must go check out The Patakha Closet and let me know what you think of their stuff. I obviously cannot do anything about it, but I love to know what people think about my taste!

See you next week,



Photography by Daksh Chindalia|
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